Want to learn more about, Swiss traditions, politics, history or food culture, Bergli have a book for your Christmas list

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Youtube Bergli Books Since 1988, Bergli Books has been publishing books in Switzerland that bridge intercultural gaps. Its mostly-English list focuses on the cultural diversity, rich history and cultural attitudes and values of the Swiss, and their interactions with international people living in Switzerland. Here I review 5 books sent to […]

Finding a great fitting, made to measure, washable, face mask

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Youtube Nanikana I have been searching for a washable face mask and came across the company Nanikana that is lead by a sustainable artisan designer who hand makes really beautiful face masks in Basel. Previous Next She has a great selection of materials that she makes face masks from and can […]

Swiss beauty – skin and hair care review

Hi, my name is Louise and I am a skincare junky. I am an avid follower of Caroline Hirons, Dominique Sachse and Trinny Woodall and I am constantly in search of a new wonder cream, lotion of potion to make the best of myself. Here, I review all things Swiss beauty.

I started my Swiss beauty review with a trip to my local pharmacy, searching the shelves for all of the Swiss products I could find. After living in Basel for more than 10 years I had heard of most of the brands, Mettler and Weleda have become favourites of mine, I had some Biokosma bought for my birthday a few years ago and I buy a La Prairie skin cream or serum every year when I get my bonus. Filabe and Rausch were new to me. I when I left Dropa with a bag full of treats that would suit my normal to dry skin.

Read on to find more about each company, which products I tested and what I found out about these products.

Genusswoche Basel

Genusswoche Basel is a celebration of regional food and drink from the Basel region.  Genusswoche Basel literally translates to ‘enjoy week Basel’.  This celebration happens in many forms throughout the restaurants and markets of Basel between the 17-27 September.