How to prioritise your own health and well-being

Most of us spend our days focusing on accomplishing goals for others – at work and at home. We work to progress our careers, perhaps with the goal of better pay and security for our family as well as to fulfill our vision and purpose. We work to keep our family healthy and happy because we love them and want the best for them. 

A guide to making great food choices

Louise Haughton Photography

What we eat is the single biggest determinant of our health – short term and long term. It is also deeply personal, connected with culture, emotions and preferences. We all yearn after family favourites, treats from our childhood or national favourites such as fish and chips or mac and cheese.  Often, what we like to eat or are used to eating, is not always what is best for our health. Are you like many people, confused by the enormous amount of information about different diets that are often contradictory.  All the more reason to ignore the so-called experts and eat what you want, right? Life is short after all and food is a pleasure in life!