The things to do in Basel (T2D) blog is for everyone that lives in or wants to visit Basel.  I write articles for people like you, someone who wants to experience Basel to its fullest, to taste what Basel has to offer and to make lots of fabulous memories with your family and friends.  

Let me share with you the best things to do in Basel, the ‘must do’ day trips or weekends away.  Why not, dig into my cafe, bar and restaurant reviews and learn where to get a great coffee, burger or beer.  New in Basel?  Want to know some ‘Swiss life hacks’ to help you enjoy your new life in Switzerland?  Or to know what the best Swiss skincare, hairdresser, spa and wellness options are?  Read more on the blog here

Who is the blogger at Things to do in Basel?  A british women called Louise Haughton who has lived and worked in Basel for over a decade.  What are Louise’s passions in life?  Opera, orchestral music, singing, jazz, dancing, all things food and drink, being kind to the environment, buying local and reducing food miles, gardening, growing my own food, home cooking, skincare, travel, experiencing and truly immersing myself in the ‘three corners’ of France, Germany and Switzerland that meet in Basel.

Who reads the Things to do in Basel blog and follows its social media chanels?   In the main, our readers/followers are 25-55 years old and live in Switzerland.  The blog has 10,700 followers on Facebook (opened 2007), 750 followers on Instagram (opened 2020) and we are averaging 3,000 unique visitors per month on the blogsite (opened 2020).  I am currently developing a media pack for Things to do in Basel which will be available soon!