Things to do in Basel

Thrill seeker? Why not try a forest high wire, downhill scooters or a mountain rollercoaster.

Langenbruck, BL, Wasserfallen, BL or Todtnau, Black Forest, Germany

Sunny weather and looking for outdoor activities for all of the family?   This blog article outlines where to find local forest high wires, mountain downhill scooters and rollercoasters, perfect fair weather activities.

Solarbob and Seilbahn at Langenbruck

Lagenbruck is around 35 mins from Basel and hosts the Deinkick a leisure zone for skiing, solar bob sledding *Rodelbahn or Solarbob’ and has Seilpark, a wonderful series of rope walks that will take you on a journey through the trees canopy.   Check out Baselland’s Tourism video of what’s on offer at Deinkick.

The park is open, 10-17h.  Prices start at 3 CHF per bob ride and 19 CHF for a walk around the Seilpark these activities are open to children over 6.

Location and directions

You can visit Deinkick by IR 27 from the Basel SBB to Leistal bahnhof then 19EV bus to Langenbruckdorf then, switch to the bus 94 to final destination.


Gondelbahn, Seilbahn and Trottiplausch


Opening hours and price to be updated soon…

Location and directions

Hasenhorn Coaster in Todtnau, Black Forest

The Hasenhorn Coaster is an outdoor rodelbahn or rollercoaster, located 45 mins from Basel in Todtnau.

To use the chairlift or walk up through the forest to get to the start of this outdoor rollercoaster.  You are in charge of how fast you go!  So you can take things easy and enjoy the view of speed through the hairpin bends at a pace.  All in all a thrilling experience.  Each roller coster can take a maximum of two people one of which must be an adult.

Each rollercoaster ride costs, 8.50 Euros for children 4-15 years old and 10 Euros for big kids over 16 years old.

Location and directions

The Hasenhorn coaster is a rodelbahn located 45 mins from Basel in Todtnau, a small town in the Black Forest, Germany. The best way to travel to Todtnau is by car, taking the A5 motorway from Basel to Freiburg and exiting at Freiburg Mitte then head towards Todtnau and follow the sign posts to the Rodelbahn’s car park on Brandenbergstrasse.,

Mountain Rollercoasters in the South of Switzerland?

Visit the excellent blog ‘Swiss family fun’ as they have a comprehensive list of Mountain Rollercoasters in the the South of Switzerland.  Click here to find out more.

Thanks for reading the Things to do in Basel blog.

Love, Louise

Blogger @ Things to do in Basel

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