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Pick your own Cherries in Basel

Hinterlindenhof, Therwil

Basel Cherries or Chirsi

The cherry fields are picturesque and calming, the birds song is far more predominant in the country side than, in the city. 


Baseler’s call cherries, chirsi they even have a chirsi-route that goes from Liestal to Laufen and is 35Km long. According to the Baselland Tourism website, the entire route takes 5 hours by e-bike or mountain bike. I imagine that cycling along this route in the spring time when the cherry trees are blooming must be wonderful – that’s a date for my diary next year!

Pick your own Cherries in Basel

Cherry season starts at the beginning of June and goes on for around 3-4 weeks because, not all varieties of cherries ripen at the same time, It may be useful to take your own basket or container and wear water proof, sturdy shoes.


You need to take money with you as the farm doesn’t offer Twint or Visa payments. 1kg of cherries costs approx. 5 CHF.

Where can I pick my own Cherries in Basel?

Hinterlindenhof is a farm just off of the main road in Therwil and has ‘pick your own’ cherries, horse stabling and a farm shop with veg, bread, schnapps and gifts. 

They also have some ready-boxed cherries if you don’t have time to pick your own.

Hinterlindenhof Location in Therwil

PLEASE NOTE:  The 2021 cherry harvest was very poor this year sadly, this means the Cherry field at Hinterlindehof is not open this year.  Fingers crossed for 2022.

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