Things to do in Basel

Pick your own strawberries at one of our local farms

plus a farm shop directory

The joy of fruit picking...

Pick your own fruit, is a way of getting your own selection of fresh fruit straight from the farmer.  I love this charming concept because I can select my fruit, taste test it and pay less per kilo than in the supermarket whilst in a beautiful farm field in sunny Switzerland. What could be better? 

How does it work? It’s best if you can take your own basket or plastic tub to collect strawberries in but if you forget then, the farm will give you a paper carton to collect them in, you may have to pay for this though. Plastic bags are not a good idea to collect fruit in because the fruit is easily bruised which limits the time it’s good to eat.


Once you have picked your fruit, head to the exit of the fruit field where you can weigh your berries by the kilo. Price vary from 4-6CHF per kilo depending of the farm location, nearer Basel town centre the more expensive the berries are.


Take story shoes that are waterproof and waterproof clothes or an umbrella just incase it rains. I hope it stays find for your visit though!


Recently, I visited Bippbeeri in Niederbipp, near Solothurn to pick my own strawberries. Later in the season they also have cherries and small plums to self pick too.

A mini directory of local farm shops, self pick and vegetable boxes

Mathis-Hof, Bottmingen

Farmshop with local produce and home made bread, beef, maize labyrinth (July-August), pumpkin market (sept-oct)


Maize Labyrinth Mathishof, Bottingmen

Starting in July there’s a huge fun filled maize labyrinth at Mathishof.

Read out blog article about the maize


Mathis Flower Fields, Bottmingen and Bruderholz

Self pick flower fields open from May-September

Spring bulbs, pfingsten-roses, roses, irises, sunflowers, lavender, herbs, eucalyptus and much more…

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Self pick Cherries in (June) read more here

Plums (August)

Apples (August-September)



Based in Niederbipp Canton Bern, pick your own strawberries (May), Cherries (June) and Plums (August).


Famillie Haumuller, Fullinsdorf

Red currants, blue berries, other summer berries(July).  Self pick vegetables to e.g. courgettes.



Apple juice vending machine, pumpkin festival, farm shop, Flower field.



Vegetable boxes that can be collected at a wide variety of depots in Basel, all vegetables are from the region and are organic.


Marktschwarmer (online farm shopping)

Online farm shopping, bringing a wide variety of farms online is one place.  Pick up weekly at Markthalle.



Cherries, apples and Christmas trees!!