Things to do in Basel

Things to do in Basel in April

Spring is here and Basel is springing into life!!

Spring temperatures rising to up to 25 degrees and Basel is back in bloom so what are the Things to do in Basel in the month of April?

Basel in Bloom - Magnolia blossom

Late March early April sees the Magnolia trees in Basel blossom, they are really quite spectacular and make the perfect back drop for photographs.  Find wonderful examples of Magnolias at Paulus Kirche, on Peter Rot Strasse on the corner of Hardstrasse and St Albans’s Anlage and in the Fondation Beyler and Sarasin Park both in Riehen.

Biking and hiking in the cherry blossom

The Cherry Route 111

The Chrisiroute 111 is a 30 km bike tour through the cherry trees of Basel land starting in Leistal and ending in Laufen.  Complete this route in the next few weeks and you will be able to witness the most beautiful display of pink and white cherry blossom that will yield the most delicious local cherries in June sometime…yummy.  The bike route can be found here.  Watch the video blow to see just how beautiful the Cherry route is.

Baselbieter Chirsiweg 471

Since spring 2020, a new walking route opened in the Upper Basel area: the “Baselbieter Chirsiweg” with number 471. It starts at the Sommerau train station, leads to Oltingen and is a good ten kilometers long.  For a map of the route and more in-depth details click here

Things to do in Basel during April

The flower fields are open and the buvettes are back

Our regions flower fields have re-opened and offer a wide selection of spring bulbs, I am going to write an article about our local flower fields later in the month and some of my research has led me to develop this google map that shows the location of some of the better flower fields in our region click here to view the map.  


Things to do in Basel, Louise Haughton Blog

My four favourite buvettes – the best way to enjoy views of the Rhine

Enjoy Basel’s warm evenings or sunny afternoons at the numerous buvettes that are spread out along the Rhine. A buvette is a popup, seasonal bar that serves apero nibbles, sandwiches and other fast foods along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  Perfect for lazy summer afternoons watching the world go by, watching the sunset over the Rhine, resting after a Rhine swim or just hanging out with family and friends.

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Matt and Elly Basel

Things to do in Basel | September 2021

The local guide to Things to do in Basel, September 2021. Im Fluss becomes Floss, we see another Genusswoche a brilliant chance to learn more but our local gastronomy and oh boy do the restaurants and bars need our support… At the end of the month Basel will see the start of Art Basel. Harvest festival is upon us and it’s pumpkin and apple juice season so, I have added a few recommendation on where to buy your pumpkins for the Autumn and winter months.

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Louise Haughton Photography

Things to do in Basel in April

Magnolia and Cherry trees come into bloom and the days get longer, the buvettes are back as the ‘good weather’ summer venues like Deck 57, Le Rhin Bleu and Sandoase. Do you decorate your own pace eggs or is your Easter Sunday a time of giving and receiving Swiss chocolate?

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Things to do in Basel, Louise Haughton blog

Beer tasting and great food at Matt and Elly’s microbrewery

Matt and Elly is a small micro brewery, bar and restaurant is near the Musical Theatre in Basel.  It has a large terrace area outside and prides itself in offering their own craft beers and locally sourced food and plant based options for the environmentally conscious diner.  The bar is very arty, cool and there is a mellow vibe to this place which is terribly inviting.

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Things to do in Basel, Louise Haughton Blog

The very beautiful Merian Gärten

What better way to spend a few hours on a Summer or Autumn day than wandering around the immaculate, beautiful and vast Merian Gärten in Basel.  Villa Merian was gifted to Christoph Merian on his wedding day in 1824 by his father.  The villa was used as Christoph and his wife Margaretha Burckhardt as a summer residence and was gifted to the Christoph Merian Stiftung in 1886.  In 1968 the Christoph Merian Stiftung gave Merian Gärten to Basel City so, we can all say we own a small piece of this amazing house and garden.  

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Pop-up Outdoor Venues

Have you been to Basel’s beach at Sandoase? or had a drink on Deck 57 or on the Gannet, in Holzpark, two of Basel’s shipwrecked boats?  If you desire a drink with an amazing view of the Rhine, Le Rhin Bleu is a must!  Click on the links to find out more about these amazing ‘fair weather’.

Making Pace Eggs for Easter

Things to do in Basel, Louise Haughton Blog

Pace eggs have been a European tradition for hundreds of years made to be placed on the table or in the garden at the end of Lent.  Raw, fresh eggs are boiled with natural food colourings like cochineal or onion skins to decorate the eggs  sometimes a batik effect is achieved by sticking wildflowers or string onto the eggs first then dying it.

Natural dyes can be purchased from most pharmacies around Easter time, more synthetic versions are sold in the supermarket.

Easter Chocolate Frey, Callier and Confiserie Bachmann.

It’s fair to say we are living in chocolate heaven here in Switzerland but which Swiss chocolate is the best and how much do I really need to splash out on to get some great chocolate?

Supermarket chocolate brands like Frey, a company owned by Migros, offers some reasonably priced Easter treats, most of which are brightly and nicely packages making great gifts.

Callier is a great option that won’t break the bank and by the way a great day out of Basel is to go and visit the Callier chocolate factory in Broc, Fribourg.

 For things to do in the Gruyère including the amazing castle click here

Confiserie Bachmann our local chocolatier founded in Bruderholz, Basel in 1945, offers the best handmade chocolates in their cafe at Schifflande.  Buy one chocolate or buy a box there’s a lot of choice and even more taste.  By the way did you know that Confisserie Bachmann is where the schoggi weggli was first created in 1975?

Thanks for reading the Things to do in Basel blog.

Love, Louise

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