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Getting a COVID-19 vaccine in Basel

Multiple vaccines have been approved for immunising us against COVID-19 and Basel-Stadt has opened a huge vaccination centre at the Messe.  Many vulnerable people over 75 have been vaccinated in hospital, care homes and in the vaccination centre, even though the vaccine supply is limited.  The questions for many are:

Am I high risk and if yes, how can I prove that and get a vaccination?


I know I am not high risk and I am under 75, when will I get a vaccination?

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Registering for a vaccine with the canton

It is possible to register for a vaccine in Basel-stadt and Basel-landschaft, irrespective of how old you are or what your health status is.  Once you are registered you will receive two appointments for vaccinations by text message when a vaccination is available to you.

Registering in Basel-stadt click here

Registering in Basel-land click here

How do I know if I'm a high risk patient?

The high risk categories are listed on the BAG website.  If you are not sure if you are high risk or not, go to your general practitioner for assessment or your risk.

If you are under 75, you will need this form signed by your doctor to access the vaccine at this time (current as of Feb 21, 2020).

Current COVID restrictions

From 13 September a vaccination certificate will be needed to eat in at a restaurant, go to an indoor event, including weddings or attend a large, outdoor event of over 1,000 people.

Click here to read the latest from the BAG

Walk in vaccinations in Muttenz

As of Monday the 13th of September, the Baselland vaccination centre in Muttenz will be offering walk-in vaccinations 5 days per week

Walk-in hours are:
Monday: 13:30-16:15
Tuesday: 13:00-15:45
Thursday: 13:00-15:45
Friday: 13:30-16:15
Saturday (2. and 4. Saturday of the month): 9:00-12:00

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