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How to celebrate Fasnacht this year?

The fire festivals were due to light up the sky tonight in Basel-land and we were due to celebrate Morgenstreich tomorrow morning, signalling the beginning of Fasnacht in Basel-stadt.  Alas, all of the magic of the carnival has been cancelled this year.  So, how to celebrate Fasnacht 2020 but keep within the current COVID-19 restrictions?

Enjoying the Fasnacht food culture

Fasnacht brings some interesting culinary treats to our bakeries, restaurants and into our homes.  Typically, the tradition is to enjoy, Mehlsuppe (flour soup) in a stube or at home after Morgenstreich, other dishes include cheese and onion pie or quiche washed down with a local white wine.

The bakeries are full of Fasnachtkiechli (disk-shaped sweet crackers dusted with icing sugar) and Faschtewajie (a pretzel shaped pastry with caraway seeds) for weeks now and Ive been enjoying the Faschtewajie for lunch with ham and mayo.  If you want a recommendation of where to buy one of these treats 1)  Sutter Begg 2)  Holzofenbaeckerei 3)  Backerei Gaugler 4) Backerei KULT 5)  Beschle

I really enjoy the tradition of buying and sharing Fasnacht food whether that’s buying my colleagues some Fasnacht cookies, eating cheese and onion pie, flour soup and drinking white wine with friends during Fasnacht, I have made so many happy memories during Fasnacht with these wonderful traditions

The best we can do this year is to recreate Fasnacht at home.  So, let’s start.  I list below recipes for some Fasnacht treats and urge you to frequent the bakeries in Basel this week to try out some Faschtewajie.

Mehlsuppe (flour soup)

Fastenwaehe (Fasnacht pretzel with caraway)

Thanks to Andi Pilot at Helvetic Kitchen for these recipes.

Giving Mimosa

Mimosa is often given as a gift at Fasnacht often this is a romantic offering and can be given anonymously.  Traditionally the Waeggis (bad boys of carnival) run after a good looking girl/women and tap her on the shoulder, wishing to offering her some mimosa.  When she turns to face them they decide if she will get the Mimosa or a face full of confetti instead.

The Fasnacht walk

The Fasnacht Comite has organised a wonderful walk through Basel with 26 stops.  Each stop has a display organised by a different Fasnacht club (clique).  The walk in it’s entirety would take  a couple of hours.

Log into the website and download a copy of a map of the walk to take with you.  

If you don’t have time to walk along the entire length of the walk then, I would recommend that you take a look at the lanterns on Muensterplatz, have a walk on Wettstein bruecke to see the artwork there and then, walk along the Rhine from the bottom of Wettstein bruecke to the middle bridge where you will see lanterns decorating the Rhine promenade.

Enjoy Fasnacht!

Relaxing lockdown and registering for vaccinations

For information about how the current lock down is relaxing as of the 1st of March click here to go the BAG website.

If you are living in Basel-stadt you can register for a vaccine by clicking here.  You vaccination appointment (2x) will be sent to you by text message as soon as vaccine is available.

Thanks for reading the Things to do in Basel blog.

Love, Louise

Blogger @ Things to do in Basel

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