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Nanikana – How making Face masks during the COVID pandemic helped her open her new Basel based Atelier

Jurastrasse 21

Josianne @Nanikana

Josianne moved to Basel from Istanbul with her husband many years ago, leaving her successful career in the fashion industry, her last job was at a design university where she lectured pattern design and drapery.  Basel was a new chapter in her life, she gave birth to her two children in Basel and settled down to her new expat mom life.  Her daughters wish to have a doll that reflected her skin and eye colour, sparked Josianne to design a doll just for her.  She used scraps of fabric from her fabric collection to make a doll her daughter could cherish.

Nanikana Dolls

Nanikana’s dolls are so unique and special with a wide range of skin, eye and hair colours that represent all children whatever their heritage is.  She also, designs hero dolls whether that’s a bunny for her daughter or a doll representing ‘Katniss from the Hunger Games’ or whatever your special requested doll is.  The dolls are fully dressed and come with accessories such as, masks, bags and hats.  These are heirloom dolls that would make a very special gift for a boy or girl.

Nanikana Masks

I first heard of Josianne, the designer behind the small, design boutique Nanikana during the first lockdown in 2020.  She had made a bold decision to convert her entire business to making, washable, designer, face masks in a wide variety of sizes and a beautiful range of crisp cotton fabrics.  She was also, offering a bespoke service making some of the most beautiful masks I have ever seen (see the bespoke, pink lace mask in the photographs above).

I ordered a Basel inspired mask for her that I wore and washed throughout the 2020.  I have gotten a great deal of enjoyment in having this lovely handmade mask in my wardrobe and I am happy to say that after 6 months of regular washing the mask in still in good order and the fabric still looks fresh.

Mask prices start from 14 CHF plus postage and packing. The masks come in 6 sizes to fit both children and adults.

Basel Themed Gifts

Yea re delighted to stock Nanikana’s products at our blog shop as of June 2021.  Shop her cute dog bandanas that come in 4 sizes or maybe relax in style in a Basel themed eye mask.

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How to contact Josianne @Nanikana

Location of Nanikana atelier and boutique

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