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Things to do in Basel | Basel Guide January 2021

Happy New Year to you! A huge thanks for returning to read the Things to do in Basel blog in 2021.  Things to do in Basel becomes 1 year old in may this year and I am determined that the blog will make that anniversary in style, with lots of new and great blog articles to help you find great things to do in Basel and thoroughly enjoy your time in Basel.  Here are my hints and tips for things to do in Basel early January.

Healthy eating, dry January, more exercise what was your New year resolution

I was delighted when Julie Morrow accepted to write some ‘nutrition and wellbeing’ articles for this blog.  She expertly advises us on two important topics:

How to prioritise your own health and well-being read more here

A guide to making great food choices read more here

Julie is a qualified nutritionalist, Eslan massage therapist and yoga teacher who works at Morrow Health in Basel.

Follow my teeth straightening journey, after wearing a brace for 6 months how far towards straight teeth am I?  Read more here

New Year, new hair style?  I recommend MYNT Hair as a great place to refresh your style.

Post-partum exercise classes with Empower Women Basel

Empower Women Basel was started last year by two brave women, Emma and Eliza, both of which are new mothers who, were motivated to start fitness classes for all stages of motherhood.  

I dropped into one of their classes in Schuttzenmatt Park and was really impressed by their pop-up, outdoor, interval training carried out in the winter sunshine.  The ladies at the class were either currently pregnant or had recently given birth, and had high praise for Emma their fitness coach.  I liked the structured nature of the class and helpful and friendly way I was coached through some new fitness moves!   I needed no equipment for the class other than, warm comfy clothes and some trainers.

First classes are a taster lesson and therefore free, after that the classes are 20 CHF per lesson.  

For the course schedule and class time click here

COVID vaccinations Basel-stadt

The Basel Stadt vaccination centre, based at the Messe, opened on the 28th of December 2020.  the centre operated by application form on the centers website.  At the time of press, vaccinations are available to people 75 and over and high risk groups but, I believe due to demands that all vaccination slots have been taken the for the time being.  Check the vaccination website for more details.

For details of other cantons vaccinations centre click here

Celebrating the Three Kings Day - 6th January

Swiss families mark the end of the Christmas time, on the 6th of January with the Three Kings Day or in Swiss German Dreikoenigstag.  It’s an opportunity to sample the Swiss delicacy called Dreikoenigskuchen, or “Three Kings Cake”.  It’s made of a round of sweet bread rolls, set together to form the share of a crown.  The rolls are a cross between brioche and a hot crossed bun, they are full of raisins but have little spice added to them.  One of the pieces contains a little, plastic king figurine.  The owner of the king figure gets to be king for the day and is given a gold paper crown to wear 🙂

Most bakeries in Basel stock these sweet treats, my recommended bakeries are Sutter Begg, Confisserie Bachmann and Backerei KULT

A date for your diary - Unofficial Banksy exhibition at the Messe

A collection of 100 Banksy artworks will be exhibited at the Messe between February and April.  This is an unoffical exhibition that isn’t endorsed by or organised by Banksy him or herself.  However, the artworks are original and are a good opportunity to see so many pieces in one place at once.  Admission is for 1 hour at 25 CHF for an adult.

Click here to read more about the exhibition

Click here to buy tickets

Thanks for reading the Things to do in Basel blog.

Love, Louise

Blogger @ Things to do in Basel

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