A fun day out to Maisprach – wine tasting, a historic flour mill, terrace dinning and much more!

Louise Haughton Photography

Maisprach is a small farming town on the east side of Basel-land a quiet place, made up of vineyards and farmland.  So, why visit?  There’s quite a few vineyards, some nice cafe’s and restaurants where you’ll find prices far lower than in Basel-Stadt plus there’s a historic flower mill and the Polish Pottery Switzerland.

The Graf flour mill

One of Basel’s finest flours is made in Maisprach in Basel land by the Graf Family.  Backerei KULT stock this flour giving it a seal of approval from our local artisan bakery.

The Graf flour mill is situated in Maisprach in Basel-land, the mill buildings are something out of a Charles Dickens novel but Swiss style. You are welcome to park and go around the back of the mill shop to their ‘laden’ where they sell mainly flour but also local wine, schnapps etc.

Frau Graf and her gorgeous children guided me around the mill shop, her youngest child was proudly showing off his green Mahlstube t-shirt that had his name on it.

I bought vollkorn and dinkel flour both for baking brown bread with. I also picked up a bottle of Apfelschaum which was described to me as apple champagne but I am assuming it’s going to taste more like cider than champers! Let’s see.

The flour mill is well signposted from the road and you can see the larger white and blue mill building from the road.

On the other side of the road in the Talhof winery or vineyard a family run business that sells their wine from a small cafe bistro that is at the side of their farm house.

Talhof Winery

A recent trip to Maisprach brought me to foot of the Talhof vineyard so, I stopped by to see if they sold wine directly to the customer? Walking up to the farm that is nestled mid way up a hill would be challenge for some but I drove up to the farm on a steep, narrow road.

The view from the farmyard in amazing and you can get right up close to the wines that grow all around the farm.  Markus and Celine Graf sell the following wines (Dec 2020)

Cuvee hoo 16 CHF

Pinot Noir 14 CHF

Pinot Gris 14.50 CHF

Sauvignon blanc 14.50 CHF I recommend

Comtesse 22 CHF 

They have a Christmas market in their bistro on Saturdays in the run up to Christmas.  Expect a warm welcome from this lovely family who make big efforts to speak english with their clients.

Travelling to Maisprach

Take the train from Basel to Rheinfelden then, the bus 100, the journey by public transport should take about 30 mins. Driving from Basel is about 20 mins on the motorway.

Other things to do near by

This area offers a wine walk in August of most year (cancelled in 2020) – walk from Busse to Maisprach, enjoying food and wine on the way.

There a beautiful terrace at the Restaurant Weinterrase that offer typical Swiss schnitzel and chips/fries with a superb view over Maisprach and surroundings.  They offer a good selection of local wine too!  This is a great place to watch the sunset in Summer – reserve a table before travelling as this little gem gets booked out.  15-45 CHF per person.

The Polish Pottery Switzerland is also based Maisprach stocking the cutest hand painted pottery in cream and blue.  Im addicted and my pottery collection is growing by the year.  To read more about Polish Pottery Switzerland click here.

There’s a new cute cafe called Traumwerk that offer great coffee plus it’s a florists and has a nice little selection decorations for your home.  Pavillon zur Linde, Lindenweg 6, 4464 Maisprach.

Louise Haughton Photography

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