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Do you want to learn more about, Swiss traditions, politics, history or food culture, Bergli have a book for you!

Bergli Books

Since 1988, Bergli Books has been publishing books in Switzerland that bridge intercultural gaps. Its mostly-English list focuses on the cultural diversity, rich history and cultural attitudes and values of the Swiss, and their interactions with international people living in Switzerland.

Here I review 5 books sent to me by Bergli books in the summer of 2020.

The essential guide to Switzerland

Author Diccon Bewes

The newest and most comprehensive guide to life in Switzerland, The Essential Guide to Switzerland has been written by 14 expats writers and bloggers and has been edited by Diccon Bewes the author of Swiss Watching.  This book is packed full of information and looks at Swiss life for many angles touching on everything from surviving your first few months, travel, health, food and Swiss etiquette.  I was most interested in the chapter becoming Swiss as I getting close to being able to apply for my Swiss passport.

I really like the way this book is set out in discrete blocks of information with handy top tips and did you know call out boxes.  There’s loads of information and the books should grow with you as your time in Switzerland goes by, I would say this is a must buy.

Price 34.90 (link to webshop)

The Naked Swiss

Author Clare O’Dea

In The Naked Swiss, Clare O’Dea touches on some of the well know Swiss cliches such as, the Swiss are neutral, rich, xenophobic, boring, sexist and European  She romps through 11 myths about the Swiss in a fun and witty way with lots of facts and anecdotes to keep the reader entertained.  This is the second book I would recommend reading after The Essential Guide.

Price 23.80 (link to the webshop)


Author Laurie Theurer/Michael Meister


From the moment I opened this book I was hooked, the real history of Switzerland is laid out in glorious and colourful illustrations alongside fun and easy to read narrative make this book an enjoyable read.  Let the authors take you on a journey through Swiss history where you will meet the hideous Habsburgs and William Tell, learn more about mountain madness and criminal cows finishing with awesome women and inventions.  This book makes me smile every time I open it, it’s a joy to read and own.

Price 19.90 (link to the webshop)

The Monster Guide to Switzerland

Author Jeanne Darling/Michael Meister

A big book for little people.  This super sized, hard backed book is a wonderful children’s picture book, illustrated by Michael Meister one of the authors of Swisstory.  The book starts out describing the biggest, boldest and scariest monsters in Switzerland including our very own Basilisk who, is said to be an ancient dragon, with rooster head, very bad breath and a steely stare.  The authors go on to tell a tale of each of the biggest and scariest monsters in your town or in towns near by.  All-in-all this is a really wonderful picture book that can capture the imagination of young and old.

Price 29.80 (link to the webshop)

Helvetic Kitchen - Swiss Cooking

Author Andie Pilot

A lovely little book containing the recipes, hand drawn sketches and notes of the Swiss-Canadian author, Andie Pilot.  Andie hands recipes to us that her Grandmother, Mother and Mother-in-law have handed to her.  She divulges 51 recipes from Swiss classics like Fondue, Miel suppe (flower soup) Fasnacht (Basel carnival) and numerous sweet and savoury waehe (quiche or flan).

There’s some helpful glossaries giving the names of typically Swiss sausages, cheese and wine at the end of the book that will make shopping at the markets so much easier if you are not familiar with Swiss food.

Her book has inspired me to try making the typical Christmas cookies this year something, I have wanted to do but have put off and put off.  I have star and heart shaped cutters on my shopping list to get prepared for cookie making at the end of November.

Price 24.90 (link to webshop)

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