Finding a great fitting, made to measure, washable, face mask


I have been searching for a washable face mask and came across the company Nanikana that is lead by a sustainable artisan designer who hand makes really beautiful face masks in Basel.

She has a great selection of materials that she makes face masks from and can make special bespoke versions. The mask have multiple layers and can hold a paper mask inside them for extra protection.  Prices start from 14 CHF plus postage and packing. The masks come in 6 sizes to fit children and adults.

I particularly like the swear words fabric as she offers to be made into a face mask but they may not be everyones taste.  She recently posted she had been making a face mask for a fashion shoot (see in the photos above) and offers a facemark in lace that is decidedly fifty shades of grey.


She also stocks beeswax fabrics that can be used as covers for food, e.g. pack lunch wrappings a great sustainable cling film. 

Contact Nanikana

Louise Haughton Photography

Would you like a set of 10 beautiful portrait photos of you or your family?  Book a reasonably priced photoshoot with me and we can have fun making those photographs together.

Portrait photography – individual or family group.  1 hour 100 CHF.  

Photos taken at the shoot will be shared in a personalised online gallery then, you chose your favourite photos to be edited and returned to you as a high resolution file suitable for websites, printing and sharing on social media.

Email me:

This offer is valid until end of December 2020.

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