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The ferris wheel, christmas lights, fondue, raclette and combatting the effects of working from home.

The ferris wheel

Typically we see a ferris wheel on Münsterplatz during the Autumn fair or Herbstmesse and this year is no exception however, we have more chance to ride on the ferris  wheel this year as it stays on Münsterplatz until the New Year.   There s small number of kiosks on Münsterplatz offering the typical Herbstmesse treats.

Christmas lights

The Christmas lights will be switched on the 27th of November there won’t be a special ceremony this year due to COVID-19.  Our fabulous Christmas trees on Münsterplatz and Marktplatz have already been put up and will be decorated very soon I’m sure to be ready for the illumination of the Christmas lights.

The Christmas market

Unfortunately, there is no Christmas market this year but there will be a few Christmas stalls on Bärfusserplatz and the Münsterplatz that will sell the kind of food typical of the Christmas market.  There is an online Christmas market place that will help stall holders stay in business and I am sure will be a great place to pick up Christmas gifts click here for more information.

Fondue and raclette season is upon us....

Oh cheese how I love thee, let me count the ways….1) Fondue 2) Raclette 3) Cheese on toast!  In my opinion we are officially in cheese season and that means revisiting my favourite stubes for fondue, raclette and some good old rösti too!

Where can I recommend?  My top three would be The Hasenburg, Walliser Kanne and the Barraca Zermatt three restaurants I have dined at many times.  My favourite dishes?  The schnitzel at the Walliser Kanne, the rösti, sausage and onion gravy at the Hasenburg and a meat fondue at the Barraca Zermatt.   

There are new pop up Winter restaurant that are on my restaurant list firstly ‘The Dandy Fondue Stube’ at Veirtel Dach in Munchenstein and Kase und Brot an outdoor restaurant at Markthalle where you can dine outdoors, in old ski lifts.

Eat take away to support your local restaurant

Most restaurants are very much struggling to stay afloat and those who are managing still to pay their rent and staff are those who have started or continued to offer Takeaway. or is a great place to find all of the take away places in Basel.  Stay in but take out!

Vouchers or Gutschein to support local businesses

Vouchers could help to support your favourite businesses in the run up to Christmas.  What would it be like to buy now all of your haircuts for next year by purchasing a voucher?  Please consider this option rather than shopping at online, big multinationals to make sure your favourite local store survives until next year.

Combatting the effects of working from home....

Did you grow a beard, not cut your hair and only wear running gear this year?  Yes, then either you are a student of a fully fledged true professional that has worked from home for more than 10 months now!  It’s depressing right?  However, there are things to do that can keep you on track.  Firstly, drink enough water and not too much coffee.  Secondly, go for a social distancing walk or bike ride, Basel is beautiful why not get to see a new piece of it each day click here for bike and hiking routes.  Thirdly, get dressed and ready like you are going to work and seeing other adults, it’s refreshing!  Finally, Enjoy a lot of Netflix – I’ve just binge watched the Crown which was amazing!

If morale is low in your team and you are missing the chance to meet for a Christmas meal or another team celebration then, one of Basel’s caterers has a solution for you. Why don’t you order a delivery of a happiness or working from home box from BISSKID catering?  The boxes include chips and dips, beer and other sweet treats, they are fun and inexpensive why don’t you give them a go!  Click here to learn more

Or alternatively, make a happiness box for a friend of relative to leave at their door to cheer them up.  Creativity and kindness are both soothing for the soul.

Louise Haughton Photography

Amateur photographer based in Basel, raising funds to buy new photography equipment.  

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