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The ultimate apple juice at Kürbisegge in Muttenz

One of my favourite autumn days out is to ‘vend’ the ultimate apple juice at Kürbisegge in Müttenz.  The farming family at Kürbisegge have set up an apple juice vending machine, allowing you to take your own bottle, jug or jar and fill it up with apple juice for 1.25CHF per litre.  Most of the apple juice is made from their apples but they also buy apples from local people to add to the apple juice mix.  So, if you have a huge apple harvest in your garden and are lost to know what to do with your surplus, you could sell to Kürbisegge and then, use the money to vend some apple juice in return.

What else is on offer?  They have a well stocked fruit and vegetable section in their farm shop, eggs plus in the autumn a great collection of pumpkins for cooking.  They also have the most vibrant decorative corn on the cobs that I have ever seen, as well as, a good selection of ornamental pumpkins (approx 2-3 CHF each).

Please don’t eat ornamental pumpkins as this will give you a bad stomach and may even send you to hospital.  It’s best to keep eating and ornamental pumpkins in different places in your home so that they can’t get mixed up.

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