How to re-create the Herbstmesse at home

This years Autumn Fair or Herbstmesse is sadly cancelled to keep us all safe and to reduce the chance of another lockdown.  Good news came this week that the Herbstmesse will be replaced by a New Years Fair in January that’s definitely something good to look forward to!

I have always attended the Herbstmesse every year over the years and most look forward to shopping through all the stalls at Petersplatz, picking up some early Christmas presents or finding some new house decoration.  I like wandering through Barfüsserplatz or Münsterplatz, on the hunt for some sinful autumn treats however, I rarely make it to the Messe as the big scary rides are not for me.

What's on my Herbstmesse tray?


Magenbrot is a ginger based bread/biscuit whose name directly translates to ‘stomach bread’ as it’s traditionally eaten after a heavy meal to aid digestion.  It’s very, sweet, sticky, spicy and addictive, I doubt  your bag will last long!  I bought my Magenbrot from Werners a Swiss based company, you can’t miss their bright pink packets.  Click here for their website


Rahmtäfli as the name describes is a cream  ‘rahm’ based toffee ‘täfli’ that is light brown in colour and surprising soft and chewy.  I bought my toffee from Läckerli-huus a Basel based sweet manufacturer who have made this toffee since 1920.  Click here for their website


Mässmogge is thumb sized stripped candy or rock that is filled with praline.  Sweet Basel make  a fantastic version of Mässmogge, handmade here in Basel.  Click here for their website which has a video of just how Mässmogge is made.

Gebrannte Mandeln

Almonds coated in sugar and roasted to make a nut coated in a thin hard toffee shell.

Nougat de Bale

Sold in blocks or precut smaller pieces nougat de Bale is packed with nuts and is one of my childhood favourites.  

Raclette cheese, potato and pickles

Look out for raclette potatoes and raclette cheese at the supermarket as these make a super easy, typically Swiss meal.  Boil your potatoes add to an oven proof dish then, grill the raclette on the top.  Plate up and add your side dish of choice whether that is picked gurkin, onion or sweet and spicy fig mustard. Incidentally, one of my new favourites cheese accompaniments is pumpkin and onion pickled in a sweet vinegar a gift I was given recently from a faming family I know from Bern.

You can of course go out and buy a raclette grill for the table but I never needed that as I just use my oven however, I have this typical Swiss kitchen gadget on my Christmas list after a Swiss watch and some La Prairie face cream.


This is a fondue sandwich by any other name and terribly sinful and difficult to eat in any kind of civilised way.   A baguette is speared to make a hole where molten cheese is poured into the baguette.  That’s the ridiculously calorific cheese sandwich made year on year at the Herbstmesse in Basel.  I tried to recreate this at home but failed, I dare not show you my dinner photos as I ended up with cheese on baguette toast rather than anything that looks like a Herbstmesse Käsebengali.

All of the Herbstmesse food shown in this article were bought at Migros.

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