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A fabulous day out at Fünfschilling

Fischingen, Germany

The Fünfschilling is a restaurant on a vineyard that is tucked away in Fischingen and small village near Binzen in Germany that is around 25 mins drive from Basel.  Fünfschilling is a great place to take the entire family to have an inexpensive family meal, to buy reasonably priced wine, spirits and visit their farm shop that is packed full of seasonal fruit and vegetables and other tasty treats.  They also have a wonderful playground for kids and some really yummy cakes.

Restaurant and terrace

The Fünfschilling offers hearty, simple breakfast options that start at 3 Euros, my favourite is the ‘Handwerker Frühstück’ three types of bread, two eggs, cheese and ham, adding a coffee and orange juice brings the breakfast to around 8 Euros per adult for kids the price is halved.  

The ‘Warme Küche’ or warm food starts at 11:30 and is served all day.  The menu consist of options such as schnitzel, pizza, burgers and some fish dishes.  I can recommend the trout fillet that was served on a bed of stewed pumpkin a hearty, tasty treat that hit the spot. My lunch plus a coffee and water was 27 Euros.

Cakes such as black forest gateau and apple tarte were tempting me but I gave them a miss this time.  What would I try next visit?  The table across from me were tucking into waie or flammeküchen that made me feel hungry even though I was half of the way through my lunch.

Click here to read the current menu card 


Vineyard, wine and spirits

The Fünfschilling winery and distillery offer some beautiful packaged, inexpensive wines and spirits.  Their wines come from grapes such as pinot noir, graubergunder and gewürztraminer with prices starting at 6 Euros for 750 mL.  There’s a wine sale starting on the 6th of October for 1 week.

Click here for their online shop

Farm shop

When I last visited Fünfschilling there were pumpkins galore outside the farm shop which, had been conveniently labeled with serving suggestions e.g. great for pumpkin puree or better to roast in the oven.  The farm shop offers a really good selection of regional fruit and vegetables plus eggs and lots of jam, pâtés and pickles plus it’s a great place to pickup a birthday gift as, they have bundles of wine and other treats ready wrapped, to be gifted to friends or loved ones.

Let me know in the comments if you have visited the Fünfschilling and what was your families favourite part of this great restaurant and wine/farm shop.  Happy Autumn everyone.


Opening Times

Breakfast 8:00-13:00

Lunch/Afternoon Tea/Dinner 11:30-21:00 (22:00 on Friday & Saturday)

The Fünfschilling is closed on a Sunday

To check opening times click here


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