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Enjoy a curious coffee at Basel’s old mortuary

Zum Kuss. Kafee Kultur Bar

I was walking through Basel today and the weather turned to rain. I was near to Elisabethananlage a park that leads to the SBB station and I dashed into a small, peculiar kind of looking, building that seemed to be a cafe.


When I entered the Zum Kuss, Cafe Kultur Bar, I was taken a back about how quirky, small and inviting the space was. There were wooden, old style, Parisian seating, a large table with candelabra on it and the most intriguing wall of spirits behind the bar, it was a bit like walking into the bar version of Diagon Alley’s wand shop.

I was enchanted! So, I stayed for a coffee, some cheese and bread which where all fresh and great tasting. I had missed lunch which I regretted when I read the menu which had broccoli with flaked almonds, roast veal and mashed potato.  The cafe offers a small menu of dishes typical to Basel, such as pumpkin soup, schnitzel and steamed vegetables plus some homemade cake and artisan coffee.

Click here for the menu card

Love this place! The staff are very friendly and helpful with drink selection! I recommend the Gisele.

I also wondered if this was not an amazing place for a romantic cocktail or two. The atmosphere would be just right and the cocktail menu is extensive plus the barman has been rated in the top 30 barmen in Switzerland.  

The menu was QR code downloadable which was intriguing way to let customers know more about what’s on offer.

Mid Price, 19-24 CHF for lunch, 14 CHF coffee and bar snack


It’s a lovely spot! The owner prepared an amazing hot chocolate for me with some special spices. They have a great selection of Rums as well!

Location Zum Kuss

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Love, Louise

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