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Nicoise salad from Perron Basel

Perron Basel is a relatively new bar and restaurant that offers a cool, bohemian place to enjoy good food and drinks.  I visited Perron on a very hot, summers evening.  I was in search of the best salads in Basel for my followers and I thought I had struck gold when I saw the funky, terrace with Persian carpets, red stripped awning and embodied napkins.

Plus they have a wonderful, vibrant coloured Nicoise salad with purple potato salad, cannellini beans, crisp cos lettuce, salmon and egg.  To top things off there was creamy salad dressing.

They offer homemade bread and some herb butter.  This salad was 23 CHF.


Pick and mix salad from Ufer 7

Ufer 7 is directly on the Rhine side at the foot of Mittlere brucke, it has a great terrace for dinning al fresco as well as some cute boat house and Swiss mountain style rooms inside.


They offer a make your own salad with over 20 options to choose from, choose your leaves, additions such as cucumber, nectarine, red onion, shredded carrot then, add some protein like nuts, egg or chicken, there are 2 dressings to choose from and you get lots of lovely brown bread to eat along side the salad.

I took the small salad at 10.90 CHF (shown above) the larger salad where the bowl is almost full is 13.90 CHF.

Seasonal Salads from Matt and Elly

This small micro brewery, bar and restaurant is near the Musical Theatre in Basel.  It has a large terrace area outside and offers their own beers and prides itself in offering locally sourced food and plant based options for the environmentally conscious diner.

I enjoyed there summer fennel salad with red currants and burrata cheese.  They offer a number side the best one is their plant based chicken, that looks and tastes like chicken but is entirely meat free.  

The plant based chicken was first developed at Zurich University by two PhD students, its terrific packing a flavour punch I was not expecting.   It’s worth a try!

The salad was 22 CHF.  For a more in-depth review of Matt and Elly’s click here (link under construction).


Summer Rolls - V'oodles and Knock on Wood

I added the Summer rolls from Knock on Wood and V’oodles because they looked so summery and fresh.  I had to try them and see if they could be a salad substitute?

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They are glass noodle based with beef, tofu or salmon wrapped in salad then rolled to make an easy to eat lunch treat.  I was impressed by the 4 or 5 dipping sauces offered to go with the rolls including sauces such as peanut satay and lime chilli.  All in all satisfying delicious lunch option or a snack option.  Each roll is 5CHF each.


Front Page

Crab salad from Globus

Globus offers dine in or takeout Japanese style salads and sushi in their ground floor, food section at Marktplatz Basel.

There juicy crab salad with lots of tomato and avocado on top of salad leaves is just tasty, tasty tasty.  The side of seaweed salad helps as does the superb Japanese salad dressing.

This is one of my favourites even at 23 CHF it’s just delicious and in my opinion worth it.

Tomato mozzarella salad from Sutter Begg

Sutter Begg is Basel biggest bakery with many bakery shops and cafe’s around the stadt and even some in the land.  They offer all the usual breads, schoggi weggli (sweet bread with large chocolate rocks in it), Kase Wahe (cheese pie or cheese quiche) and their famous acid house, smilie biscuits but along with all of this they offer some good eat in or take out salads.

Chicken, tuna, mixed or tomato mozzarella salad was on offer at Sutterbegg when I last visited.  I took the tomato mozzarella with an Italian dressing and a crusty brown bread roll.  The portion size is large and the lettuce leaves crispy but the salad is basic with only tomato and mozarella on top of the leaves but the bread more than makes up for that.  Price 8.00 CHF.

Flower Salad from Marktschwarmer

I was taken a back by the  taste and quality of a flower salad that I bought from Marktschwarmer an online farm shop.  Not only was the salad a feast for the eyes but a feast for the taste buds too.  

I dressed my salad in Tanya Grandits salad dressing – yes that’s not just any salad dressing that’s michelin star salad dressing from one of the best chefs in Switzerland.  The salad dressing is available at Local box and tasted of mint and wasabi, 6 CHF 


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