Adult Teeth Straightening

Praxis Haenggi

I have had a lot of life changes recently, that has made me reflect a lot on what and who I want to be both inside and out.


Focusing on the outside, I have managed to loose 8 kg following the Noom diet, trimmed down further by walking and cycling in beautiful Basel everyday and finally, after a lot of procrastination I started on a journey towards a Hollywood smile! Well, straight teeth at least.


There are lots of options out there, clear tooth retainers e.g. Invisalign that slowly change week on week moving the teeth with them or ceramic/metal braces that are glued on the outside or inside of the teeth. On top of this there’s a myriad of invisalign-like pop up and online shops, I see a clear tooth retainer offer on Facebook most days with claims of straightening teeth in a few months with a lower cost than most orthodontics specialists charge.


I asked my dentist Daniel Wiesner what his recommendation would be and he referred me to a Kieferorthopadie zahnartz or a dentist that specialises in orthodontics. The main issue with my teeth is that I have a grandma mouth where my teeth are not protruding enough making my mouth look sunken plus I have lower slanting teeth.

So far, I have had three dentist appointments; a consultation to discuss the options, scans including an X-ray of my jaw, they do this to see if the teeth are strong enough to take the tension of the brace then, my most recent appointment to get the ceramic brackets, wire and elastic bands put on.

I have to wait for my top teeth to move a bit before I can get my bottom braces on. Why? because my top teeth might bite off the bottom braces which sounds painful, destructive and expensive.


I am struggling to bite food today 24 hours after getting a brace, my teeth are tender but not unbearable. I will miss eating curry as this will stain my elastic bands, I reckon a curry the night before I get my bands changed will be the new normal.


The price of a brace? The cost varies on the complexity of treatment but the total cost will be 1,000s rather than 100s.


I was referred to Praxis Haenggi by Daniel Wiesner my dentist of more than 10 years. Please seek medical or dental advice from a Swiss registered dentist, if you have any concerns with your teeth or need treatment.

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