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A visit to the oldest bakery in Basel

A KULT following...

Backerei KULT

Backerei KULT is a very old bakery, opened first in the 1700s and boasts a wood burning oven and a long queue to get in!

The tiny bakery is rustic to say the least and has a limited but artisan selection of bakery goods. The sandwiches caught my eye today and a home made ice tea. They also stock MYLK products from a local Basel dairy, I love their yoghurts and often buy them in Migros when I do my weekly shop.

The cheese sandwich contained sweet gruyere, rhubarb chutney, spinach and nuts all in a freshly baked parisette or small french stick. I headed down to the Rhine to enjoy my lunch.

The bakery is open 7 days per week and could be a great option to pick up a portable brunch one Sunday that you can can walk along the Rhine with.

There are two bakeries one between Wettsteinplatz and Claraplatz that is kinda easy to miss to be honest as it’s has a very tiny shop front which is covered with scaffolding at the moment.

The other bakery that has a cafe and that is over near Novartis on Elsaesserstrasse 43.

Despite its modernistic name, it’s the oldest bakery in Basel. It’s been there at least since 1726.

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