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Brunch on a Farm in the heart of Basel – Schallenurseli

St Margarethen Farm, seasonal restaurant May-October

Terrace dinning on a farm

I cycled my bike to edge of St Margarethen Park in Basel then, at the corner of the park nearest Binningen, I stopped to push my bike up the steep hill to St Margarethen Farm.  Just passed the farm entrance is the bike park for Schallenurseli, I wandered through the cow shed and was transported into a chocolate box, cuter than cute, farm restaurant.

The restaurant is in an old barn that is open to the air on one side, with red checked table cloths, comfy sofas and inviting tables.  My first impression was that this was a warm and friendly place, that has been beautifully decorated and was a great brunch location.  I had booked a table for 11:00 so, I took the brunch menu, here’s what arrived!

What's included in the brunch menu?

What is included in the brunch?  Farmhouse cheese, ham, salami, fresh baked bread, Zopf a Swiss butter bread, a croissant, homemade jam, yoghurt and an egg.  Brunch also, includes a prosecco, tea and a bowl of coffee as well as much water, local apple juice as you want. You can help yourself to cereal and birchermuseli however, cheese on toast, rosti or drinks such as latte machiato/espresso/ristretto are additional extras.

The brunch cost 39 CHF for people over 14 years, 0-4 years olds dine for free and 4-13 year olds pay 8 CHF plus 1 CHF per year of age e.g. a 10 year old would pay 10+8 = 18 CHF however, a 5 year old 5+8=13 CHF.


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Lunch and Dinner

The restaurant is open May to October, you can reserve a table online at the restaurants website and also view their menus.  This is a great place for people with young families, for those with a big appetite or for those who really want to taste local Swiss food.

Friday and Saturday night they offer a dinner menu 18:30-22:00, brunch is on Saturday and Sunday 10:00-14:00 with a limited menu on Sunday afternoon from 14:00 to 20:00.


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