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Cocktails for everyone at Hinz und Kunz, Markthalle

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Hinz&Kunz means for every Tom, Dick and Harry or for everyone!

Hinz und Kunz is one of Basel’s most popular cocktail bars just a stones throw away from Basel’s main railway station (SBB) and part of the vibrant and cosmopolitan Markthalle, an old domed, stone market place.

I would describe the bar as old school cool, it has comfy leather sofas for lounging on, a grand dark wood bar with an impressive number of spirits along the back wall.The bar has a treasure trove of cocktail making tools think, strainers, shakers, long twisted spoons as well as mashers and bashers of all shapes and sizes.  To tempt the senses further, feast your eyes on the dried orange slices, lemon grass, mint and rosemary that are being added to the cocktails that the team at Hinz and Kunz make without breaking a sweat. They stock over 155 types of rum and 95 gins as well as a staggering 483 different bottles of whisky/whiskey.

Their menu doesn’t disappoint with 80 cocktails, I asked Milena which cocktail she would recommend and she said a porn star, which she described as fruity and classy as it’s got fresh passion fruit, vanilla Vodka, lime and some cane and vanilla syrup, all topped up with Champagne.  I thought, in for a penny in for a pornstar cocktail – let’s give it a go!

How to make a Pornstar

Pornstar cocktail anyone? Here’s the Hinz und Kunz way of making one.

Don’t fear, there’s alcohol free cocktails too and a really wide range of tonic waters that can be drunk on their own or mixed with spirits.  In the Summer months Hinz und Kunz set up a pop up buvette outside Markthalle where there is plenty of space to lounge on stripped deck chairs and spend time time socialising with friends.  I can only recommend the friendly bar staff and I want to thank Milena for allowing me to video her and for her willingness to share with us, one of Hinz und Kunz’s cocktail recipes.

Thursday 17:00-24:00, Friday & Saturday 17:00-02:00

In the Summer months Hinz und Kunz have what can best be described as an outside bar that is located at one side of Markthalle.  There is plenty of space at Hinz und Kunz’s buvette to lounge on stripped deck chairs and spend time time socialising with friends.  Enjoy a cocktail at Hinz und Kunz this Summertime.


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