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My four favourite buvettes – the best way to enjoy views of the Rhine

The buvettes are back early this year with takeaway options but everyone hopes with the option to sit outside soon.  So, if you are having stroll on the Rhine side why not enjoy a drink or a bite to eat at Basel’s numerous buvettes that are spread out along the Rhine. 

A buvette is a popup, seasonal bar that serves apero nibbles, sandwiches and other fast foods along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  Perfect for lazy summer afternoons watching the world go by, watching the sunset over the Rhine, resting after a Rhine swim or just hanging out with family and friends.

Saint Louis Buvette

Saint Louis buvette is located in St. Johann a grey canopied, crimped metal buvette with a wealth of seating outside the buvette.  They specialise in fish dishes whether that is fish and chip or fish curry wurst as well as sandwiches and apero small bites.  I recommend the hummus and local bread it was super yummy and one of the buvettes weiss beers.  The do have other alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks for the menu card click here


Flora is one of the smallest buvettes with limited seating but the buvette is just steps away from Rhine side bench seating and a large amount of rhine steps that lead into the river.  Here’s their menu card, I recommend their summer cocktail FLORA which is prosecco, sweet woodruff (waldmeister) that is sometimes curiously called wild baby’s breath, lemon and ice.  They also have ice creams!!  The buvette is open 12:00-23:00 every day weather permitting April to October.


Rhyschaenzli is possibly the biggest and most established buvette and the first buvette I ever went to.  It has a prime spot right in front of the barracks or Kaserne and just next door to Flora buvette.  There is ample amounts of seating which has wonderful cream parasols that allow you to hide away from the midday sun!  They are also only a stones throw away from the Rhine steps and prime sunbathing and Rhine swimming spot.  They offer burgers, grilled sausage, salads and panninis plus ice-cream and a wide range of drinks.  The menu card of the buvette can be found here.

The buvette is somewhat spoiled by the extensive works at Kaserne that will go on well into 2021.  They are open March to October best to get to the buvette by walking along the Rhine side however, you can cut through from Kaserne on the number 8 tram.

Fahri Boedi

Fahri Boedi outside bar is just below Basel Munster near the Rhine Ferry named ‘Leu’, is a secluded outdoor bar with some grilled mediterranean style food on offer as well as ice cream.  It’s a wonderfully secluded outdoor bar shaded by the expansive canopies of some old and quite majestic trees that watch over the small iron buvette tables.  I find this buvette really romantic and quaint and I really like their cocktails.  The steps down or up to the buvette are steep and not for everyone so be warned if you have knee troubles getting to this buvette maybe a challenge.

Location of the Buvettes

Saint Louis Buvette – Elssaeserstrasse near the Tram 11 at St. Johann’s Tor.

Flora Buvette – Near Kaserne on Tram number 8, Kaserne.  Rhine Ferry Kingenthal/Vogel Gryff.

Rhyzanzeli Buvette – Near Kaserne on Tram number 8, Kaserne. Rhine Ferry Kingenthal/Vogel Gryff.

Fahri Boedi – Below the munster, nearest Tram is Kunstmuseum or take the Leu Rhine Ferry from Gross Basel.

Here’s a google map that marks out the buvettes I mention in this review click here

Opening times and buvette etiquette

Many of the buvettes open just before lunch and close between 22:00 and 23:00, expect to get a token for each glass or plate that has a depot of around 2 francs on it.  When you take your cup/plate back to the buvette and hand in the token you’ll get your depot back.  This system keeps the buvette tables clutter and rubbish free, RESULT!

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