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The Rhine at sunset a sight worth capturing

Photo credits Louise Haughton and Renato Bassani

I love walking down to the Rhine at sunset. I really like to end the day stretching my legs, heading down to the Rhine side and watching the sunset over the water. I often take a camera with me on my sunset walks as the light at sunset is just perfect and transitions quickly from blue, to yellow to red then, mauve. 


The Rhine winds it way through Basel, already passing through the Alps, Lake Constance and over the Rhine falls before it gets to Basels hydroelectric plant a place where the majority of our electricity is made. It cuts Basel in two parts, Gross (big) and Klein (little) Basel before leaving to flow through Germany and then onto the Netherlands.

Louise Haughton

Rhine swimming is very popular in Basel, but should be done the ‘safe way’ as the river has many strong currents and is busy with both industrial and leisure boats.

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Renato Bassani

I first worked with Renato when he was voted fourth place in the Things to do in Basel’s, online photography exhibition. It made me so happy to see the expression on Renato’s face when he sold his first photograph at the following ‘From Basel with Love’ photography exhibition that was hosted at Braswell Arts Center in November 2019. He has recently been featured on Basel Tourism instagram feed where his photo receive over 1,000 likes! You can see more of his photography on his Facebook and Instagram pages too.


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