Pick your own flowers in one of Basel’s sustainable, flower fields

Fields open April-September

I love having flowers in the house and I often frequent Migros, Les Tournesol at the Basel Market, Marktplatz and Fleur des Rois to brighten up my dining room table or lounge sideboard. However, on sunny days in the summer months, I enjoy walking to one of the family Mathis’ flower fields. Today I was at the flower field in Bottingmen buying roses.

Why do I visit flower fields? Well, a short stemmed rose from a pick your own flower field is 1.50 CHF but from a florist a single rose could be double or triple that price. Flower fields, really support local farmers and provide flowers with little or no ‘product miles’.


‘A shout out’ must go to Evelyne & Samuel Mathis-Saladin who keep their flower fields in immaculate condition, offering implements to cut and tie flowers and in the Bruderholz field there are even spare plastic shoes ‘crocs’ to wear if the ground gets wet.


They offer a wide variety of flowers from Tulips and Peonies in spring time to Roses, Stocks, Irises and Sunflowers. Evelyne will even make you a bouquet or table decoration upon request.


Flower fields are typically open from April to October in Switzerland. Payment is taken in metal donation boxes, you pay for what you pick. There’s no credit card payment option.

https://mathis-blumen.ch probably the prettiest website I’ve seen for a while too!

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